Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Rural Library of ISP of Jaén

On 12th April of this year, the Social Sciences Department - V Semester of the ISP "Víctor A. Belaunde" of Jaén, with initiative and enthusiasm, prepared with new copies and posters the Rural Library that has been operating since the last quarter of the past year.

It is known to all that our Library is part of the Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca, which has made it possible for us to avail of its bibliographic collection, such as the copies of the Peasant Encyclopedia and various publications. This access to the books of the network has multiplied because of the book exchange system, and from the recent Encounter and Assembly. Books included literary works, dictionaries and other texts.

The aim is to encourage the critical and voluntary reading of students and teachers to inform themselves and to train as people, as well as to disseminate stories of rural culture in order to recognize, rescue, value and put into practice the knowledge, values ​​and positive identities.

The students who frequent the library are entering Social Sciences – First Semester, who arrive with much desire, choose their book and register. For their part, the 7 students of Fifth Semester started the first Reading Circle, on 17th April, to discuss the book "Esa luz de más adentro" by maestro Alfredo Mires Ortiz.

Prof. Sara Moreno Alberca

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