Sunday, 29 April 2018


The first weekend of April more than fifty community members of the Network of Rural Libraries met to celebrate the first Assembly of this year. Many of them have attended these meetings continuously for more than twenty years. They come from far away, carrying their books and their contribution to the common pot. The re-encounter each time is a joy.

In this assembly there were also many new faces. The youngest librarian, Maicol Burga, arrived after two days of travel; walking from the community of Yunchaco, in the province of Cutervo. Maicol participated with great emphasis and conviction, transmitting to everyone the importance of reading and learning from our elders.

We also welcomed Laura Quiliche, student and head of the Open Library of the Superior Pedagogical Institute "Víctor Andrés Belaunde", Jaén. In this library one can read there, in the open air or take the books home, but the contact with the book is real and experiential, not restricted to the physical space of the library. Laura is an animated young woman who convinces with her effort and fresh and innovative spirit: we are very grateful for her presence among us.

From the Superior Pedagogical Institute of Jaén was also teacher Sara Moreno. We really appreciates your presence and your important and precise interventions.

From the I.E. "Sacred Heart" of Jaén were also our dear friends Cleofé Guzmán, Elizabeth Olano and Polinéstor Huamán, who have been carrying out intense rescue work with the Peasant Encyclopedia Project.

From Colombia we counted with the presence of Nathalia Quintero Castro who is in charge of the Technical Secretariat of the Network and took great pains in this assembly to satisfy the concerns and needs of each librarian and coordinator.

Also there were Consuelo Gaitán, Director of the National Library of Colombia, and Luz Adriana Martínez, Leader of the Technical Assistance area of ​​the National Network of Public Libraries of Colombia. Their integration, openness and willingness to share were transcendental for this assembly.

The presence of some children of librarians and veteran coordinators seems to us very important because in most cases it is the family members who, from a young age, attend to the readers in the libraries during the absence of the librarians. Welcome Lennon, Magaly and Jorge to this assembly!

Manuela Vásquez and Ricardo Delgado are two teachers who, since last year, have been members of the Network family, from their centers in Bambamarca and Chota. Their presence, interest and work renew the spirit.

Thank you all for joining us on this journey.

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