Friday, 31 December 2021

Member of Honour

The prestigious Argentine Pre-Columbian Research Center (CIP) is a non-profit organization that was created with the purpose of promoting and protecting cultural heritage.

Due to his long career in cultural research, our General Coordinator, Alfredo Mires Ortiz, received at the beginning of November ‒ in the framework of the XVI Argentine-Peruvian Binational Colloquium‒  honorary membership of the CIP.

We are very grateful for this unexpected recognition and, from the Rural Libraries Network, we want to congratulate Alfredo for this merit.

'Dios Cajacho' and 'The beings of over here'

We welcome the new edition of Volume 1, Dios Cajacho, and Volume 2, Los seres del más acá, from the Peasant Library.

The first is in relation to the narrations about the saints, apparitions and miracles of the Cajamarcan Oral Tradition, where our faith and our religiosity are embodied.

In the book 'The beings of over here', the life of what is commonly called "beings from beyond" is recounted; what is shown is that they are very close to us, from souls and goblins to apparitions and charms.

In these new editions of the Rural Libraries Network, stories from the provinces of Jaén, Cutervo and San Ignacio have been added, as well as stories from other characters.

Welcome reading!

Thursday, 30 December 2021

CV of Alfredo Mires

A few weeks ago, an institution requested the curriculum vitae of our brother Alfredo Mires. Thus, we had to review this document where the main studies and activities that he has developed throughout all these years are indicated. However, seeing that this document is usually very precise and does not contemplate all the characteristics and qualities of a person, we decided to send his biography first, which indicates with more fidelity what Alfredo does, writes, studies, what and to whom he is dedicated, among other aspects. And even at that, there is much of his life that we have not managed to make known, not even with all our efforts, that is why I allow myself this note.

Alfredo is addicted to his family, and they are one, in their home life and at work, almost everything they do they do together, as a true community of volunteers.

And in the family of the Rural Libraries Network this same spirit is transmitted: we must all have the same objectives, make a single effort, journey together wherever we have to go.

Alfredo teaches us to read not only books: he teaches us to read nature, time, gestures, everything that surrounds us, even if it is hard for us to learn.

He teaches us to write, to organize ideas, to express ourselves in the most authentic way possible; to leave traces, as he himself says, of our own essence.

He has many qualities: he is demanding in order and cleanliness, because without these two aspects it is impossible to organize.

He is humble and careful in his expressions towards others, but is clear in what he has to say. And he is very creative, innovative: he plays with words with enviable ease, and turns physical spaces into incredibly beautiful and well-used places.

He has many qualities and feelings that would not be listed in his CV or his biography.

Today I just want to highlight a characteristic that, we all know, also has always characterized him and, in this time, is being noticed with more intensity than ever: he is a great fighter and does not give up. We know that he is going through a delicate state of health, but he continues creating and working, celebrating each achievement of the Network and worrying about difficult situations, forgetting that now his priority is himself.

Alfredo, on behalf of all your family and ayllu of the network, we want to thank you for that extensive CV that is not written, but that we all know and feel. We want to tell you that we admire your strength and we are with you. We want to thank you for your existence and the example of not giving up.

Thank you brother for keeping going, for showing us that there is still a lot to walk.

Lola Paredes

Monday, 27 December 2021

II Book Fair in Jaén

Jaén reading, the bicentennial is the motto of the II Jaén Book Fair that took place from 18th to 29th of November.

The Cajamarca Rural Libraries Network has a Library at the “Víctor Andrés Belaúnde” Higher Institute, in Jaén, which was formed at the initiative of Teacher Sara Moreno. Sara is one of the pillars of the Network and she works with great affection and dedication, transmitting the knowledge of reading and its values ​​in relation to the Andean oral tradition. Many students, especially from the Social Sciences career, enjoy the support, accompaniment and training of Sara Moreno and participate in various activities and initiatives that she promotes.

So it is not surprising that Sara and these students were also present at the Book Fair. On Sunday, 21st November, they presented the experience of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca within the framework of the activities programmed at this fair and, throughout the fair, they were presenting our books.

The teacher writes us:

"Our beloved core team,

To share that we had the honour of presenting our beautiful Network for the first time in Jaén. It was a very beautiful morning, we made a little offering to the earth, then we shared our feelings and thoughts about the experience of reading, the network and books.

A teacher is very interested in Rural Libraries in Educational Institutions for Yanuyaco and Sallique. We sold seven books, we hope that in the course of the week we will improve.

Big hugs".

Thank you teacher Sara, Elizabeth Olano, teachers, students and friends, for your work and help, but above all for being part of our family.

Here we are

They wanted to cancel us yet here we are, despite our regrets, walking on the path with a firm step and with enthusiasm; proud of our roots, adapting to the new times, without neglecting our essence.

We still are; we are earth, we are water, we are the air we breathe; descendants of wise men, workers, fighters and, above all, respectful of everything that exists.

Here we are in the Rural Libraries Network, together because that way we are stronger; thanking our mother earth, giving her our appreciation for everything she gives us: the rich potatoes, the ollucos, the ocas, the mashuas, the good wheat, the barley, the corn, the lucmas, the tunas, the custard apples, the blackberries, pushgay, aguaymanto and many other products that remain to be mentioned. We also thank you for being the source of life for guinea pigs, partridges, vizcachas, hummingbirds and more. We thank our apus (sacred mountains) for protecting us from droughts, for acclimating our environment, for brightening the landscape; and we thank our deceased, for being a presence, for always accompanying us.

We are here to share this joy with those who are coming.

1971-2021: Tribute to our Network —11

Our Network has been a home and a place of permanence, a space for learning and a school; with her we have grown in courage and drive, in affection and perseverance. We have remembered our roots, our peasant and community existence. We have known that we are here and we continue on this path with conviction and with the books in the earth.

Tribute to courage and drive —11

A tribute to many fellow coordinators and librarians who continue their efforts in this journey of the Cajamarca Rural Libraries Network, from different areas and communities. From Cutervo, in San Andrés: Mario Sánchez; in Churumayo: Eusebio Silva; in San Juan: Aníbal Segura and Jorge Carrasco. From Celendín: Santos Rodríguez. From the Chota area, in Pión: Custodio Tello; in Cutaxi: Silverio Herrera and in Chalamarca: Rigoberto Vásquez. From the Hualgayoc area, in Ahijadero: Lino Gálvez; in Chala: Víctor Carranza, and in Pújupe: Antero Vásquez.

To them the affection and full recognition!