Saturday, 28 April 2018

Willing to share

When the librarians and coordinators of the Network of Rural Libraries arrive for the General Assembly, it is all celebration, joy and laughter. This 6th, 7th and 8th of April we celebrated one of these meetings full of friendship, openness, trust and solidarity: we are family.

In the book El duende del laberinto, by Alfredo Mires, published by the Network in 2016, is this story:


God told the bread:
- Multiply!
And the bread answered him:
- First multiply the flour.
God multiplied the flour.
- Now multiply yeast, said the bread. God multiplied the yeast.
- Now multiply the man willing to share me -finished the bread.
God began to cry.

Here, in our assemblies, God doesn't have to cry. Here we share what each one brings for the common pot. But we also share the news of each library, the achievements and congratulations of the readers and the concerns and challenges of the librarians and coordinators. We are united by the appreciation for others and a spirit of support and protection invades the environment.

Once, during an assembly dinner, we observed two of our coordinators talking: one had a cup of coffee and the other was dipping his bread in the other's coffee. Normal, because everything belongs to everyone.

Although one can be surprised or laugh at such familiarity, that is the spirit of sharing in our meetings. Familiarity is lived and affection is felt. And that is worth more than a "logical framework" or a "leadership training".

We are happy to be the way we are.

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