Thursday, 3 May 2018

Consuelo and Luza

During our Assembly in April, we received the pleasant visit of Consuelo Gaitán, Director of the National Library of Colombia, and Luz Adriana Martínez, Leader of the Technical Assistance area of ​​the National Network of Public Libraries of Colombia.

The National Library of Colombia, besides preserving and cataloging the bibliographic and documentary collection of the country, is an information centre in which you can find diverse and abundant historical, cultural, artistic, religious, political and social documents of Colombia. Currently, the National Library is carrying out an inventory of its documents in different media for its digitalization process that guarantees its permanence, conservation and greater diffusion.

The National Network of Public Libraries is responsible for coordinating the enormous processes of training, articulation and strengthening of public libraries in Colombia.

This visit of Consuelo and Luz Adriana had been gestating for so long, encouraged as they were to share the effort to build, with the reading of the world and of books, a more honourable life, with full rights to the dreams of peace and community joy.

Back in Colombia, Consuelo sent us some of her impressions:
"I still hear the voices of the peasants speaking with tenderness of their farms ... evoking their elders with the devotion of those who know themselves protected by them or laughing mischievously of the tricks and mysteries that permeate their daily life. What a great wealth there is behind that almost mystical relationship with nature! I would like to express my deep gratitude for having had the fortune to live this wonderful commotion."

We also send our sincere and affectionate greetings, from Cajamarca to Bogotá, for this precious time shared.

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