Monday, 2 April 2018

Co-Libris: reading and pedagogical animations

The Network of Rural Libraries celebrates, as on other occasions, that good ideas are converted into letters, games and drawings that encourage and prepare "readers for others". And so it is that "Co-Libris: Project of reading and pedagogical animations" emerges, a magical book for the collective formation of readers: children, teachers and rural librarians, who will find in these lines the breath to inspire the desire for reading.

Alfredo Mires Ortiz, author of the text and Executive Advisor of our Network, explains that the Co-Libris project proposed "To promote collective, solidarity and encouraging reading from the formation of critical readers of the communities of Cajamarca, for the consolidation of peasant organization, the protection of the environment and the rescue of traditional Andean community knowledge ".

The Co-libris are in our Cajamarcan countryside, full of stories to tell, spirit to inspire and desire to drive. In addition, they are ready to read and to listen; to learn and to teach, to inspire readings that establish or strengthen criticality and respect. This is to give soul to reading, which is not only the practice but experience and cooperation, creativity and joy.

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