Monday, 2 April 2018


How Manuel Scorza contiues living! What a tremendous talent, that of this Peruvian writer whose literary production shows his fine and deep attention to the social context that his country lived through.

Scorza did not forget the voices of those who were silenced and not heard, he gave a face and action to those who had been made invisible: he gave voice and presence to the peasants and indigenous people of Peru: women, men and all beings whose magical presence resides in the Andes, immense and dignified beings, courageous and determined not to give in to injustice, pain, silence or humiliation.

"Redoble por Rancas" is part of the series of novels by the author, entitled: "The Silent War" which, at the same time, is enunciated as a "solitary struggle". It tells of the resistance of the community members in Rancas (Pasco) to the expropriation of their lands and abuses by the North American mining company Cerro de Pasco Corporation and the ensuing massacre of May 2, 1960.

Novels like these should be read and reread, passed through the minds and hearts of all, here in Peru, throughout Latin America, Africa, Asia and a thousand other worlds so as not to forget what has happened to us and what continues to happen, to remember -as we say, the community members from here - that together we are stronger and we are more.

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