Thursday, 8 March 2018

Walking with 'That light from deep inside'

In the last General Assembly of our Network of Rural Libraries, many of the coordinators - in the Exchange Party that always takes place in each meeting - requested more copies of the book "That light from deep inside" (Esa luz de más adentro), by our brother Alfredo Mires Ortiz .

At this point, many families in our communities will have carried out reading circles in their sectors and areas; others have read it in their homes, around the stove; in the farm, at some time of rest or perhaps even the children have already given their first glimpses and have entered the magical force that the lyrics of this reading symphony and monumental piece that compiles the prologues of the Peasant Encyclopedia has.

We know that this book has the power to open fruitful and affectionate roads for the reader. On the one hand, it has texts with which we can think about reading, books and the oral tradition; or we can delve deeper about the hegemonic, industrial and consumerist culture; or we can work once again the farm of the Rural Libraries, of the ancestral memory and the traditions of our campesinos; of the Andean and the farmer; of the wisdom and dignity of our people; of the strength of being together. This book surely achieves what Alfredo himself says: "to drive away the darkness" and "fertilize today to harvest tomorrow."

More about this book:

- On 10th July, 2015, the Tinku launched this and other books by the author.

- Teachers from the National University of Cajamarca have been using this book as material for reading, analysis and reflection.

- Since 2016, the renowned magazine El Gurrión, directed by Mariano Coronas, in Spain, began to publish the texts of the book one by one.

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