Monday, 6 November 2017

A review

A review of the award-winning film, Libros y Nubes - which expertly captures the essence of our Red de Bibliotecas Rurales de Cajamarca, has just been published in the popular Irish journal 'Policy & Practice: A Development Education Review', by the Centre for Global Education.

The journal is published in both physical and virtual form; its web version receives approximately 145,000 visits annually from 150 countries. The journal aims to celebrate and promote good practice in global education and to debate its underlying conceptions.

The review of Libros y Nubes, written by our sister Lynda Sullivan, appears in the autumnal Issue No. 25: Development Education and Human rights, and presents the key concepts and highlights of the film. Global educators and policy makers are told how the Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca is a valid example of a literacy movement; community education; cultural affirmation in the face of colonisation; indigenous knowledge and its oral transmission; volunteerism and community cohesion.

Our humble inspirational work travels to the corners of the Earth where the seed may germinate and, if cultivated, produces its own fruit, but with flecks of Andean beauty.

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