Monday, 6 November 2017

Gazette No. 1

Here, the first of ‘Cosmovivencias’, the ‘Feeling-thinking Gazette’ of the Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca.

As part of the development of the doctoral thesis project on the Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca, its routes and Andean geographies, we present the first issue of the Network Gazette.

This monthly publication collects and systematizes, in various thematic axes, the conceptions that orient the actions of our educational and cultural organization. To this end, we review some documents produced by the co-founder and executive advisor of the network, Alfredo Mires Ortiz, in which we can appreciate the guiding thought and the journey of the network.

We want with this, in addition to disseminating the principles that identify and orient the process of the Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca, to promote a Latin American dialogue around the campesino identity and dignity, the Andean cosmovision and the deep links that we have with nature, life and community.

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