Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Wanderings in Santa Cruz II

(Notes of Alfredo Mires Ortiz, visit to the area of ​​Santa Cruz, September 2017)

In the community of Poroporo the assembly decided that the head of the school would be in charge of the library, taking turns with the other teachers.

We had not finished signing the agreement when the community members began to request the books.

In a way, two schools coexist in Latin American education: that which the system imposes, governs, controls, harasses, disciplines and forces, and that which the indomitable soul of the people resists, prods, digests, challenges, contrasts, contests, rebates, faces, creates and makes the most of.

Us Indians have never been defeated: they crushed our forms and verbs, burned down dwellings and the forest, cut off hands and sliced faces, speared hearts and chained legs, but the starch remained, spermatozoa dodged the scythe, the earth hoarded its eggs, the duck crouched in the feeder, the seed waited for the rain, the furrow made the revolt.

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