Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Coming alive in Santa Cruz

Memories of the roads traveled at the end of September, previous conversations, rock art sanctuaries to be visited and the exuberant sacred and planetary geography united with the immense and warm presence of the people of the community of Poroporo, in the district of Catache, Cajamarcan province of Santa Cruz.

In all these years, we had never been an institution in Santa Cruz: so we traveled there after much coordination by telephone and correspondence with Prof. Luis Calderón, who also acted as our gracious guide.

Our brother Alfredo, to the rhythm of some stories collected in the communities of Cajamarca and published by the Network, demonstrated how the voices of the community members extend from province to province, from family to family, from heart beat to heart beat through the extensive territory of Cajamarca. Alfredo exalted the treasure that is being a farmer: to cultivate and to read the earth, to live in community; he explained how it is to work as volunteers, with books, readings and rescue of the traditions of our peasant communities and the ways of doing it.

Many interested eyes and hearts, enthused, showed that they wanted to have the books in their hands. Many voices told how many stories they have to relate, how many meetings are left to go forward.

The community assembly decided to form its Rural library.

After delivering the batch of books and choosing their librarian, the community of Poroporo integrated into this desire to read and be read, to write and be heard, to meet letters, conversations and presences.

We welcome teacher Gabriel Paz, the new librarian, and the entire community of Poroporo. It is an immense joy that they are part of this family of the Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca and that together we start this walk, this journey, this communal beat.

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