Thursday, 19 October 2017

In Catache

At the end of September we traveled to Catache, in the province of Santa Cruz. There we met with teachers, students, authorities and parents interested in learning about our Rural Libraries.

The participants of the meeting - at the San Agustín de Catache Educational Institution - watched, listened and spoke: they were the creators of a moment in which sensitivities sprang up and projections flourished.

How is it possible to forget the words of a communal authority when he said that, in his 72 years of life, he had never heard a proposal like ours. Or the words of one of the young teachers, recognizing with joy the fact of being a peasant and to be proud of the dignified and firm references of the agricultural tradition. How is it possible to forget the reflective and attentive look of all the participants and the words of our brother Alfredo saying that reading is a developer of the mind, that reading is a frank passion and that the book is a source in which we can see ourselves ...

The participants, in communion, wove with words the possible encounters, the possible community and educational links; they laid out the haystack of joint projects where books, readings, stories, traditions, the Andean world and a future reading plan can open up vibrant and generous paths where we will most surely walk together.

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