Monday, 4 September 2017

In the community of Pingo

We went to Cajabamba to have the joy of sharing with the teachers, principals and students of the school of Pingo, as one of our rural libraries operates there.

The children's hugs were the most beautiful reception we could have had; the sincere and cheerful smile of their teachers and the pleasing and colorful spaces of the school reminded us that living in the countryside is a privilege and a source of pride, it is an immense gift from nature. The school, surrounded and protected by its Apus, became pure sensibility and beauty.

Miguel Rodriguez, a teacher at the school of Pingo, told us that children are the ones who teach them the names of their sacred mountains, the meaning of the peasant soul, the colors of the mountains, the greens and the crops, the feeling and the expressions of the land of Cajabamba.

The vivacious and enthusiastic children drew and listened to the reading animation workshop and played joyfully; the teachers told us about the various activities they do with reading and how they manage to inspire children to read.

The conversation about reading, teaching and feelings in the countryside spread out across a colorful and wise morning, between the teachers and the children of a place that incites us to return again and again.

Thank you for being united in this journey between books, readings and encounters!

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