Monday, 4 September 2017

In the community of Quinuacruz

At the end of July the school of Quinuacruz - in the province of Cajabamba - was filled with everlasting sacredness: the children and their teachers had asked for an all'pata paguikun the offering to the land.

In the early morning, our brother Alfredo explained the value and meaning of this ancient ceremony of ours, remembering where each food comes from and invited us to thank these prodigious gifts.

The children and their parents had brought seeds and produce from their farms and their animals; they made their offerings by giving them their breath and revering the mountains, the land and the dead.

Remembering that the earth lives and feels, the morning in the School of Quinuacruz continued full of drawings and songs, readings and images, finishing with a conversation and joint construction with the teachers on the techniques of animation of reading.

At the end of the day, the warm sunshine still brightened the intense green surrounding the school and the children of Quinuacruz. Already their library has an environment in which everyone is accompanied, encouraged, reading.

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