Monday, 4 September 2017

We are capable and refrains

As part of the General Assembly of the network the launch of our recent books took place.

Our brother Javier Huamán, General Coordinator of the Network, opened the event. The presentation of "We are capable - Guidelines for the recognition of disabilities" was carried out by the special education specialists María Trinidad Arana and Yenny Ugarte, as well as by Rita Mocker, Community Program Manager.

The presentation of "Water that you have to drink - sayings and phrases in the Cajamarcan oral tradition" was lead by Nathalia Quintero, who invited our brother Alfredo Mires, Director of the Enciclopedia Campesina Project, to talk about the construction process of the book.

Lola Paredes was the maestra of ceremonies and encouraged everyone, as always, to share and enliven reading.

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