Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Germinating seeds in Huamachuco

I was honoured with the task of returning to Huamachuco, Department of La Libertad, a few weeks after we initiated 10 new libraries in the outer-city neighbourhoods.

I was cordially received by sisters Yesi and Rocio Altamirano, coordinators and educators of Proyecto Amigo (the Friend Project), the organisation with which we are partnering for this task.

With Rocio we spent an entire day walking between the neighbourhoods and visiting the emergent libraries. It was a joy to see the seeds already taking root; each librarian had lovingly accommodated our books into their new spaces where they wait to receive eager companions to open up to.

In their reception of us each librarian humbly demonstrated their dedication and will to be a vehicle in their neighbourhoods for bringing books and souls together. From young Maribel Agreda who is building her home, to Dona Irma Vera Valderrama who is a local leader in the Ronda (a community justice organisation) in her neighbourhood... the group of new members are as diverse as they are brilliant!

Thank you for the kind welcome and for embarking on this path! 

Lynda Sullivan
Network Volunteer

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