Saturday, 24 June 2017

Rafa likes to read

Rafa is a child who lives in Celendín, is only six years old and is learning to read and write in school, but his learning is not limited to what his teacher teaches: Rafa likes, above all, to read on his own and from the voice of his godmother.

Doña Consuelo, who is the librarian in Rosario Bajo, reads with pleasure the favourite stories of Rafa and, while she reads, he jumps ahead from time to time because he knows by heart what follows in every line of his favourite story: The fox and the candle.

And it's not just about what makes him laugh, but also about what makes him think: "Get out, fox!" he said, "That happened to you because you were arrogant!" And he burst out laughing.

If all the children read like him and if all the godmothers read to their godchildren, as does Doña Consuelo to Rafa and all the children who visit her library, our history would be different.

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