Thursday, 27 July 2017


Saying good-bye hurts, it is true. However, we choose to experience this pain, or the possibility of it, when we choose to make genuine connections, when we build our families, when we open our hearts. And the joy we gain from these connections, the enriching of our souls, is our reward for taking the risk.

Having families that span the earth means that no matter where you are you're always missing someone. But knowing that, although far, they are present, that although their path at times diverges from yours, they still walk by your side, restricts the distance to the physical realm.

Moments of separation also serve to take stock and express gratitude felt. On leaving Cajamarca my gratitude goes to my Cajamarcan family, for inviting me to be apart of yours.

Thank you to the rural libraries movement, for opening your circle and welcoming me in. Thank you for your teachings, for showing me that resistance to what you don't want needs to be preceded and constantly accompanied by the creation and protection of the life you do want, to live your desired reality with dignity and presence.

Thank you for teaching me the value of (re)connecting with our ancestors and, through their wisdom, the Earth and the Cosmos. Thank you for teaching me the essence of community, and how to nurture it.

Thank you for all these teachings and so much more, but most of all thank you for teaching by example, for lighting the way.

This is nothing more than a 'see you later', and my the later be soon. 

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