Saturday, 5 August 2017


Nathalia Quintero Castro, professor at the Inter-American School of Libraries of the University of Antioquia – Colombia, is again with us and this time for longer.

As we announced in January, Nathalia is undertaking her doctoral project from the experience of our network of rural libraries and, for this, has been integrated as a volunteer. She arrived a few days ago and we are celebrating her pleasant integration.

"To return to Cajamarca, is to be in family again," says Nathalia. “Being part of the Cajamarca Ayllu and Rural Libraries has been the most poignant and important gift I have ever had.

Infinite thanks to Alfredo, Rita, Mara and Rumi who have welcomed me so lovingly into their community and family routines. Also to the support team and other volunteers and friends with whom I have shared and will share.

My special gratitude to the community librarians for allowing me to be with them, to learn from their immense wisdom in this Andean path of fraternity, simplicity and solidarity. Thank you because here I have found the value of complementarity and real happiness."

With all the experience and will of Nathalia, we are sure to improve our steps, initiated more than 46 years ago. We recognise the company of this sister and volunteer of ours, not only for her hard work, but above all, for her presence among us.

Welcome back, Nathalia!

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