Saturday, 17 December 2016

Finally the rain has returned!

although they may beat you,
never lose faith;
even if dirty days may come,
never lose faith,
even though I myself beg you on my knees,
do not believe me
love life
keep the dew
for the flowers
do not suffer the rogue nights that will come!

Be happy, 
I beg you,
Come out of the shady rooms,
Be happy so that I do not die
Slaughter the sadness,
Sing in front of the sea.

Give me your hand, my friends.
I love the skinny earth
Which followed me hobbling to exile.
I only know how to sing, but I love you;
Also the aurora is built with songs!

A great wind rises.
There is too much pain.
A great wind rises.
I have seen strange rivers burning.

Manuel Scorza (original in Spanish)

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