Sunday, 18 December 2016

César Eladio: The willingness to walk

I come from the community of Yunchaco, in the district of Cujillo, province of Cutervo.My name is Cesar Eladio Burga Bustamante.

Reading for me means to learn more, to know many other things that we do not know. Thus, in my view, through books many things are known even if other sites are not seen. It also has a meaning that we share with others. Think of this: we read a book and the others listen, and from there we learn many things, we learn to defend our rights, rights due to the citizens. And such.

I have been participating for ten years already with Rural Libraries, but for me there has been a big change. Many things have been fixed. In collecting what had already been forgotten of the elders, at least the stories, we have recovered ourselves. And we have learned to reclaim also the duties of the authorities.

In order to continue improving the conditions in our Rural Libraries, it would be good to have more reading circles and increase visits, so that we can meet up with our rural brothers. Apart from that also having the time or disposing of our time, going out to our communities, being willing to walk.

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