Monday, 8 August 2016

The Co-Libris in San Luis de Lucma

The Co-libris continue reading and speaking in San Luis de Lucma, in the province of Cutervo. A few weeks ago we were lucky to meet them: this group of student readers continues in the struggle, accompanied by Mr. Abel Vasquez, coordinator of our network in the area.

The Co-libris project aims to promote reading among children and young people and encourages them to carry out the recuperation of their community traditions.

The young people invited our friend Alfredo Mires to open the conversation. He addressed the ways we can be manipulated to consume information at the expense of our own culture, the need to go back and look at ourselves again – to look towards the inside of us. "An educated person is not a person who forgets his roots, but who remembers and celebrates them".

The young people were also excited to hear about the experience of the recuperation of the oral tradition of Cajamarca. Alfredo established five key factors for the success of the recuperation: will, persistence, preparation, respect and approach techniques (the various strategies, for example, Nights of Recuperation).

This whole process can be enriched by reading. Thus, each book read is an act of creation: "When we read a text the writer writes anew in us. To read is an act of rebellion against the attempts of the system to extinguish or reduce us".

In reading, writing, drawing, creating, we keep our essence alive.

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