Monday, 8 August 2016

Schools with Libraries in Cajabamba

We visited three schools which have a library full of our books.
In the Tangalbamba community all have access to the library. The teacher Carmen Malca Bocanegra promotes the recuperation with the students and their families, while Professor Crhistian Wilmer Sánchez facilitates reading and registers the borrowing of books.
In the Pingo community, the teacher Miguel Rodríguez Roncal is responsible for the library in the school and assumes his role as a promoter of reading - animated and accompanied by all the teaching staff of his school. Among several innovative ideas, Miguel tells of his plans for a reading festival for parents.
In the highlands, crossing the river Crisnejas, is the Corralpampa community with its school run by the enthusiastic and inspired presence of the teacher Soledad Alvarez Placido. The children at this school have taken the recuperation to a new level, producing their stories on recycled paper made by themselves.
We were delighted to see our books displayed on shelves around the playground and happy children grouped to read.
However in many parts we also see the lack of willingness on behalf of the State to improve reading. The mere fact of being forced to do something steals its magic. And on top of that, when the content is so far removed from your reality, it is almost an act of oppression trying to promote it. The children become more disconnected from learning, they lose their passion and their innate desire to read.
Fortunately there is the will and the example of these extraordinary teachers who inspire reading.

Bibliotecas Rurales books introduce us to the wisdom and wonders that took generations to form. Another way to inspire children to celebrate their roots is to involve them in the rediscovery and preservation of their ancestral tradition, to give them the opportunity to be researchers and authors.

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