Sunday, 26 June 2016

Of healers and plants

In late May, the Community Program of our Rural Libraries Network invited coordinators and healing teachers to the Second Training Session of this year.

We spent intense and beautiful moments as we shared knowledge on medicinal plants and preparation of remedies. Together we made and packaged hundreds of natural medicines for our work with children with disabilities in the countryside. We also experimented how to prepare natural soap free of toxic ingredients and we learned about speech therapy, motor skills, school awareness and inclusion and adapting to chairs, crutches and canes for children with projectable capabilities.

Coordinators also shared with the group some issues they had learned about through reading and self-study at home and demonstrated therapy practices that they carry out in their communities.

In the evaluation of the event the spirit of everyone to keep learning and participating was evident. The meetings are an important point of reference for us to renew our work and strengthen our spirit.

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