Saturday, 30 June 2018

Samuel in the Network

Samuel Suárez Ronay arrived in the third week of May, from Spain, to accompany us voluntarily -for the lapse of a month- in some of the many tasks that we always have in the Network, particularly in our Exchange Center.

Several months ago, Samuel contacted us requesting a period of participation with us. With nineteen years of age, we imagined that upon receiving the conditions of his volunteering, he would give up: we were very happy to know that this did not happen and Samuel joined our family with great enthusiasm.

We value a lot his contribution in the tasks entrusted to him and his willingness to integrate into the Network.

For us it is not only the incorporation of a person in the tasks to be fulfilled, but how the conception and coexistence contribute in the formation of each of us.

Our gratitude for this time shared with Samuel.

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