Saturday, 30 June 2018

Reading for those who listen

The Community Program of the Rural Libraries Network serves 78 children with 'disabilities' in different villages in the Cajamarca Region. Our approach to Community-Based Rehabilitation focuses on the accompaniment of children and their families, their care through therapies, training for parents so that they can permanently continue to apply therapies to their children and ensuring the promotion of school inclusion.

However, the creativity of our coordinators has no limits: they organize walks with children, make nurseries and plant trees in communities, organize training for teachers, fight for the installation of Municipal Offices for Attention to People with Disabilities (OMAPED), support in family gardens and also promote reading for children with projected capacities.

This last activity-reading with and for children with disabilities-has increased a lot in recent weeks as we have an endowment of story books from the Network. Now, all families have at home four fascicles of stories from the collection "... and other stories".

Seeing parents with their books in their hands, reading to their children who often can only listen, encourages us a lot. What new magical worlds will be opened to the children of the Community Program!

Our thanks to the Exchange Center of the Network.

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