Monday, 29 January 2018


We have published more than 150 titles, always from, with and for the rural communities.

When you see a book, you do not always consider the enormous work that goes into having that jewel in your hands. As our books are produced in community, the first step is always to decide together the rescue and its realization. This involves walking and having meetings with many people with whom we record the testimonies or review the written accounts - also by the community members themselves - from the Rescue Notebooks. To never lose this treasure of information, we look for different ways to keep it: a whole process of the ATOC (our Archive of the Cajamarcan Oral Tradition). Then we must decide which of the texts or testimonies will be part of the book we want to publish. Then comes the transcriptions, the processing of the texts, the corrections ... We add the drawings and transfer them to an editable format. Each book is like a new child that is born and begins to talk.

Like that, it may sound very easy, but it is hours, days, months and years of painstaking work: we all help - as far as we can - the person responsible for this whole process. Especially in the revision of each book.

Revision is a delicate task, and it is not to imagine how many failures or little mistakes escape us. To read and re-read, to carefully look at every detail so that a clean and well presentable book comes out, is a challenge that we take very seriously in our Network.
This means that we take advantage of generous and skillful eyes to help us with each revision.

This January we had the enormous voluntary help of our dear friend Ana María Rojas Espinoza, from Santiago de Chile, who had come to spend some time with us.
With great dedication and care, Ana María re-vised one of the large books that is "on a tray", that is, soon to be published: The Cajamarcan Inventory of Rock Art (El Inventario Cajamarquino de Arte Rupestre).

Thank you, community members. Thank you, community. Thank you, Ana María.

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