Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Humberto reads

I am Humberto Huamán Lara, from the Alto Perú community, Liuchucolpa, in the district of Bambamarca.

In the Network of Rural Libraries I have been a reader since I was a child, from a very young age, for a very long time and until today. I'm now forty-five years old.

Reading is for me a moment that provides us with a lot of learning, to learn to read, to go through a book, to share some experiences of what is happening in the books.

The Rural Libraries for me has been a school, as for many campesinos from different provinces of the department of Cajamarca. It has always been a joining. From there we have learned to defend ourselves: the people of power are not now able to take advantage of our humility.

The many experiences of our elders, all that they have lived before, the effort for the tradition that is being created and all that our Library speaks of, is what we are building together with all the communities.

Right now there is still a lot to see. We must not fall into the weakness that they want of us. People of power always want to discriminate against us. We are campesinos: in us there is no discouragement; we continue with our children and our elders, until today.

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