Sunday, 22 October 2017

Launch of the Cajabamba Tourist Inventory

At the end of September the presentation of the book 'Tourist inventory of the province of Cajabamba' was held during the traditional cultural night held in the framework of the celebrations of this province of Cajamarca.

In the presentation that our brother Alfredo made, he emphasized the usefulness of books like these, since they offer relevant information of the territory itself, of what we love and that makes us feel proud. Cajabamba, said Alfredo, "has countless fortunes, and this book is a mirror in which we can rediscover them as we look at ourselves. That is to say, in these pages we see ourselves reflected as the earth and the beauty with which we have been made is reflected". He emphasized the effort, persistence and love with which Miguel Rodríguez Sánchez and Miguel Rodríguez Roncal - authors of the book - have directed their research and projects.

The tourist inventory of Cajabamba joins the circulation of the books by the Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca. It is a sample of the passion for places and geographies, seals of the vital presence of nature, time and space, of the permanence and memory of the people.
It is the moment to congratulate the authors and to exalt the bonds of an imperishable friendship, that has crossed times, dissertations, learnings, teachings and the deep passion to know the environment that inhabits us all.

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