Monday, 23 October 2017

In the Geography Congress

Our sister Nathalia Quintero, volunteer of the Network, traveled to Tacna to participate in the Congress of Geography with the paper titled: Books and rural geographies: the case of the Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca - Peru.

There she presented some reflections on the cultural geography of books and the Andean geography of Cajamarca; she told the audience who the readers, writers and speakers of the Network of Rural Libraries are: where, how and what they read, write and talk about.

In her presentation she stressed that: "the campesinos, community members of Cajamarca members of the Library Network, are deeply linked to life and happiness. They are part of a sacred vision of nature, united with the enunciating and creative force of solidarity and encounter; to the complementary rhythm of the soil: of their farm and their crops, which are food, water, living substance of the land they love, care for and protect.

Nathalia emphasized that in the Network we do not stop examining the meaning of the task, the impacts of the actions, the reasons that founded us and allow us to be present even today; we ask ourselves about the kind of society we dream and deserve, for the world we want for our children, for the reverence and sacredness we owe to the land, the water, the Apus, the deceased, our food, the sustenance of a life worth living. And she made it clear, as we usually do in a coherent and consistent way, the nonnegotiable position in the defense of nature.

The Network also reaches academic universes where it moves, inspires and, as Professor Miroslawa Czerny said, fills with optimism because it makes one feel that yes, it is possible!

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