Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Welcome Hannah

Since the end of August Hannah Parschat has been accompanying us in the core team of the Rural Libraries Network.

Hannah is multicultural: of German parents, she was born in Holland; a few months later she moved with her family to Norway where she grew up on a small island, connected to the land and community. She is now studying in Canada and volunteers with us here in Peru.

Hannah's volunteering is also part of her studies in Linguistics and Anthropology. And Hannah is always present with a positive attitude, simplicity, criticality and frankness.

"Getting to know the Network of Rural Libraries has been an experience beyond anything I could ever have imagined," says Hannah. “The little that I know so far has entered my heart directly, and not even the forgetting of time can draw it from my memory. Especially Alfredo, Rita, Rumi, Mara, Nathalia, Karina, Lola and the rest of the central team, besides the coordinators and members of the Network that I have been fortunate to meet, have received me with so much friendship and affection, with a altruism that can not be explained by the knowledge of the sciences.

What is the most amazing about the Network, so far? For me, it's definitely the volunteer and community effort you make here. In addition to the hard work of the farms and other jobs, they are dedicating themselves to cultivating this land that is the Network, planting as seeds their wisdom and their history, thus sowing their culture to sustain those who come. I am speechless because of your conviction, your efforts, your goals and visions, and the incredible people I have known so far.

When I arrived in Cajamarca, I felt the kisses of her sun, the caresses of her air, the freshness of her water, and the strength of her land. It is something very special, and I thank you with all my heart for the effort you make in the Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca to protect your culture and our land.

Thank you very much for having received me and included in your community."

Welcome Hannah!

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