Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Teaching in nature

A few days ago, during a brief excursion to the apu Qayaqpuma (whose mysteries and secrets our brother Alfredo Mires has been studying for more than 25 years), we met with a large group of children who were visiting the mountain accompanied by their teachers.

Talking with them, one of the teachers told us: "I usually organize these outings with my children every year, because it is very sad that we are almost never taught to value what is ours."

In fact, it seems that the price of modernity is borne by the conscience of the little ones.
We wholeheartedly congratulate all those who, despite the hardships of present-day society, make - like these teachers - a fond and fervent attempt to rescue the traditional values of the Cajamarcan culture.

Happenings like this remind us that "As we did not know it was impossible, we did it".

Rumi Mires

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