Saturday, 24 June 2017

Tugusa begins

About an hour and a half from the city of Chota lies a rural community named Tugusa, in the district of Chiguirip. And it is there that we directed our steps, on a road constructed above an immense divortium aquarum (divorce between water basins).

Thanks to the interest and enthusiasm of teacher Ricardo Delgado, we had the opportunity to meet and converse with firstly the students and teachers of their secondary school, then with the parents and community members of Tugusa.

Our brother Alfredo Mires spoke to the community about culture and education, or rather, the lack of the former in the latter. The importance of knowing our own culture, and being unabashedly proud of it, in order to have a solid base from which to welcome the world, was a message that was received with spirit and decision by the learners young and old.

The reunion with the parents of the community began with Alfredo covering the basics of forming and sustaining a rural library, and it ended with the community electing their librarian: doña Eluvina Díaz Guevara, whose acceptance was met with a hearty applause.

As we were exchanging details with doña Eluvina there was already a line of eager borrowers hoping to jumpstart the library functioning.

Tugusa now is part of a grand community that continues advancing. 

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