Friday, 23 June 2017

Reading in Celendin

The rejuvenation of our libraries in the province of Celendin continues. Last year we opened several new libraries - from outer-city barrios to high altitude rural communities (of the jalca), and at the beginning of June we visited three of them.

In the community of Bella Vista we called in on Karin Muños who operates her library under the famous sombrero of Celendin, where the neighbourhood children bask in our stories and learn from our ancestors who speak from the depths of the pages.

Karin is a special needs teacher so we discussed our Community Program and how we could share material that could benefit the children and their families.

Early the following morning we visited the barrio of Rosario Bajo where Consuelo Livaque, rural librarian, gathered the children of her neighbourhood to carry out an enchanting reading circle. Each child chose from the selection of new books that we brought and very quickly got lost in their colourful pages.

We concentrated our energy once again to read and listen together. The children bid goodbye contentedly knowing that every Saturday the space would be open for the young earnest readers to gather.

Celendin also provided us the opportunity to meet with teacher Nancy Castañeda, the enthusiastic coordinator who continues to animate colleagues to integrate into the rural libraries family. Nancy is still recovering from an accident that injured her arm: from here we send Nancy a fraternal hug and our best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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