Monday, 19 June 2017

Towards La Libertad!

For several years we have cultivated a gratifying closeness with the organisation Proyecto Amigo of Huamachuco (Huamachuco district, capital of the Sánchez Carrión Province, Department of La Libertad, northern highlands of Peru).

This organization is dedicated to alternative education initiatives involving children and families in vulnerable situations, now counting many years serving the population of Huamachuco.

After much coordination full of encouragement and sharing of dreams, on receiving the applications to open 10 libraries in the neighborhoods of the semi-urban area, around the city of Huamachuco, we crossed the departmental border to La Libertad to inaugurate this initiative. The strength of the feminine was present when we met with the newly elected librarians: they are all women, mothers of families from the countryside and determined to make their way through all the challenges.

Our brother Alfredo Mires Ortiz was encouraging these steps, sharing the network's commitment to new members of the community, as well as the conception, operation of libraries and techniques to encourage reading in groups. Alfredo insisted on how a living library can rejuvenate and strengthen a community.

Accompanied also by Rocío Altamirano and the coordinating team, the new librarians assumed their responsibility in this humble forge for a fairer and better tomorrow.

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