Monday, 19 June 2017

A library in Quinuacruz

On 1st June we had the honor of opening another rural library in the province of Cajabamba.

Within the Educational Institution of Quinuacruz, under the direction of Professor María Milenne Pérez Iglesias, another light emerges and joins the humble and vibrant family of our Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca.

Arriving at school the children welcomed us with their warm hugs and songs written by themselves. The teaching team shone with enthusiasm as they shared with us their hopes of igniting the joy of reading and the pride of the ancestral culture in the hearts of their students.

We were presented with the space that is being prepared to house the new books. However, as we looked out across the stunning landscape in which the school is situated, we imagined the rich experience of reading under a tree overlooking the immense green valley: bringing the books out to encounter the nature that inspired them.

Congratulations to the leadership of the principal and her teaching team, and our gratitude to Soledad Álvarez for carrying the torch from her previous school to light the fire in this one.

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