Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Nathalia informs

We continue advancing with the thesis project that we are carrying out together with the Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca: Andean routes and geographies.

This collective initiative seeks to systematize by recognizing what our organization has done and continues to do. The idea is to review the interrelation of the foundations, actors, places and actions carried out by the Network as an Andean entity that encourages and exposes the permanent relationship between nature and society, and as a proposal to be replicated throughout Latin America.

We will undertake some meetings, encounters, workshops and visits so that, between conversations, we may reconstruct history, observe the present and set the future.

Some pivots for the talks are:

- The fundamentals and conceptions that guide our actions
- The origins, the institutions involved, the processes and the contexts in which our project emerged, was consolidated and continues to live
- The personal experiences, the human, geographic and social influences and lived moments
- In what places, regions, landscapes and geographies is the Network found and spread
- The actions and projects jointly constructed to enliven the voices and the presence of the Andean rural communities of Cajamarca
- The challenges of the organization in today's society
- The strategies of collectivization of the proposal in the Latin American context
- The fabric of the geographies of the Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca as an entity that avoids breaking the ties between nature, society and Andean geographies.

Nathalia Quintero, from MedellĂ­n

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