Monday, 29 May 2017

Angela encourages

Huarrago is a community in the heights of Sócota, Cutervo province. There Angela lives with her husband and her three children. Aldana, the oldest, had a problem at birth and since then has suffered from cerebral palsy.

But thanks to the enormous effort of Angela and her husband, Aldana is improving every day. When we met her she was only three years old and could not move her legs. Now Aldana walks alone with the help of two walking sticks and goes to school. In the house - with the adaptations to the environment that the family has carried out - Aldana takes care of herself to a great extent and also helps with simple tasks.

But Angela's will goes much further. Several years ago she assumed the coordination of the Community Program in her area and is visiting and assisting six other children with disabilities in Huarrago and the surrounding communities. She also organizes a group of the parents of these children where they share and exchange knowledge and seek solutions together to any difficulty.

One of these difficulties is the lack of understanding of the situation of students with disabilities on the part of their peers. For that reason, Angela - since last year - goes continuously to the school of Aldana. There, during morning assembly, she talks about the reality of her daughter and other similar children in order to sensitize the educational community, aiming at better school integration.

Thank you, Angela, for this extraordinary effort.

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