Sunday, 20 November 2016

Reading beneath the hat

A few weeks ago we opened three rural libraries in the Celendín area: the first in the Bellavista sector where a teacher, worried about the long hours that many children spend on the streets with nothing to do or waiting their turn for extra classes at school, decided that it would be good to take advantage of those circumstances to encourage reading among children. Mrs. Magalli Limay, librarian, very enthusiastically told us that she will have the library in her house; she, in addition, will take the books to the square known as "El sombrero", a few meters from the school, where she will hold reading circles with children from the sector every afternoon .

The other library is located in the Rosario Bajo area, where we inaugurated with an offering to the land and shared some delicious sweetbread and coffee prepared by the librarian herself. Ms. Consuelo Livaque said that this is a great opportunity for all her neighbors, big and small, to get to know our culture better and to enrich ourselves reading the books of the Network.

Mrs. Zoila Castañeda has been appointed as librarian of the Huasmin sector, where once again our books begin to walk along with the villagers of that sector.

Lynda Sullivan, a friend and volunteer of the Network, encouraged the communities and we accompany every effort.

To these resolute fellow librarians, we welcome you.

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