Sunday, 20 November 2016

At the "Ricardo Palma" Book Fair

Mr. José Carlos Alvariño, Director of National Fairs of the Peruvian Chamber of Books, contacted us to invite us to participate in the Ricardo Palma Book Fair.

Our Central Coordination Committee accepted the invitation and authorized our brother and sister Alfredo Mires (co-founder and Executive Advisor of the Network) and Nanci Huamán (Rural Librarian of the community of Liuchucolpa) to travel on behalf of our organization.

The Fair was held from 21st of October to 6th of November, in the city of Lima. It is one of the oldest book fairs in America that has become a valuable space for national and international involvement in cultural and bibliographic work.

Aside from the talk about our Network of Rural Libraries, which took place on the night of 29th of October, our friends participated in interviews and developed a series of contacts.

Here are a couple of respective links:

Both Nanci and Alfredo have emphasized the hospitality and appreciation with which they were welcomed by the organizers of the Fair, as well as by the dear friends with whom they met in Lima.

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