Thursday, 13 October 2016

Uncovering colonialism in Jaén

Despite being far, Jaen is with us. In late August, Alfredo Mires - member and Advisor our Network -, gave three days of training to more than 40 teachers from the Cajamarcan province of Jaen.

Alfredo explored deeply the theme of colonialism and education and how we, as teachers, act as transmitters of an imposed dogma, with or without our knowledge or consent. The discussion evidenced manipulation methods used by those who wish to control us.

Recognizing the problem, then we moved to the solutions.

What are the cultural passwords that can be used to protect our rich culture from attack? To continue living and growing as a dynamic community in the direction we decide, not to follow a prescribed route to destruction and assimilation...

Part of the conversation focused on the valuing of our own culture, reinforcing it, rescuing what has been lost and restoring the current through which the wisdom flows: the connection between our elders and our youth. A key element, highlighted Alfredo, is respect: respect for others, respect for ourselves and respect our Mother Earth.

Participants were also very interested in learning about the Rural Libraries and our 45 years of establishing and supporting a movement that cultivates (ploughs, ​​fertilizes) our essence, which enriches our culture through the sharing of books, especially books about the extraordinary wisdom of our people, past and present.

This rich shared experience was made possible thanks to the invitation and organization of Elizabeth Olano and the Communications Team at the Sacred Heart Secondary School in Jaén. We are very grateful for their tremendous dedication.

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