Thursday, 13 October 2016

Rain and growth

In early September, the person responsible for the Community Program and two volunteers traveled to Masintranca, in the province of Chota, to visit children there with projectable capabilities and their families from the communities of Huayrasitana and Numbral.

On the road the sky covered over and, upon arrival, everyone greeted us with great joy. "You have brought the rain" said the villagers happily, and we shared with them this satisfaction of the first downpours that the land was crying out for.

In the communities the children and Parent Groups of our coordinators Donaida Guevara and Sergio Diaz had gathered. Both coordinators are long-term integrants of the Community Program and their work is truly admirable.

For this visit we had been asked to review three issues with the Parent Groups: our proposal for child protection, how to raise awareness among students and teachers for better school inclusion and how to eat well with products from our own farms.

While parents, coordinators and the person responsible for the Program did a review of these issues, our volunteers - Samay, Erica, Carla and Mara played with the children and taught them to weave bracelets. It was an extraordinary experience.

The work with the parents was also wonderful, not only for their interest in continuing to share and learn, but also because - thanks to the ongoing work of Sergio and Dona which is like the rain: gentle and constant, you can feel the growth of the plants of knowledge in each of the parents.

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