Thursday, 2 June 2016

Roads in Cutervo I

We set off from Cajamarca early, destination Socota, in the province of Cutervo. On the road to Bambamarca the beauty of the mountains was violently disrupted by the monstrous open pits that have been created by the mega mining.

The heartbreak was then transformed to wonder as we approached the plentiful lagoons of Alta PerĂº and passed the sleeping Inca.

After stopping briefly in Chota we continue the long journey until we reach the city of Cutervo. There we’re met by the strange phenomenon of an aguacero that cut the city in two – soaking one side while not even touching the other. Unfortunately the rain had also extended to the road to Socota, leaving a wet, muddy and dangerous path. Fortunately, due to the careful driving of Alfredo and Rita, we arrived saftely to our destination, nine hours after our departure.

The next morning we set off on the road to Churgumayo, to visit the zone of Eusebio Silva Lozano, coordinator of our network there. They were already waiting on us to read together and learn more about the recuperation of our ancient traditions, but we were unable to arrive: we were stopped in our tracks by an impassable track. The rain had turned the narrow road into a mud track. We were left with no choice but to return.

Our disappointment was soothed somewhat when we came across something spectacular in a passing field: an intriguing stone structure, built by the ancient civilizations of the Andes, emerging from a lagoon. On one side a huge rock seems to have been worked to form one half of a tower base, which was then complemented by many smaller rocks creating a perfect square base…

Lynda Sullivan

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