Thursday 28 April 2016

Community Programme

We are group of people, organised through a Work Programme of the Network of Rural Libraries of Cajamarca, who work alongside rural families and communities with “handicapped” members, as they are commonly called.
We use, as a counterweight to this negative term, the denomination Persons with Potential Capabilities (PWPC), because we know the capability and value of each member of our community.  Our work is simply to awaken or “remind” – as they say in the country – these capabilities which are often found dormant in people.  In the countryside of Cajamarca we say remind yourself when we want to awaken someone.
The programme is communitarian as it forms part of the Andean perspective, which is always communitarian, and in which the community is the nucleus of life.
We also know that the “treatment” or “rehabilitation” of individuals doesn’t work unless it is linked to, interwoven and rooted in the vital context of the community.  Also, every journey is easier made together, and all work made lighter when shared together.
Our work, then, varies from one community to another, from one family to the next, according to the circumstances, the situations and problems encountered.  In order to carry out this work, those who work within the Programme involve themselves in a permanent exchange and constant training, always taking into account the customs and knowledge of our wise Andean forefathers.

The work of the Community Programme would not be possible without the support of Kindernothilfe, Duisberg, Germany and the supportive work of the “Davids Schleuder Association”, Speidelstr. 29, D-72213 Altensteig, Germany

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