Friday, 20 July 2018

Heart Links in Cajamarca

Each year we are visited by a group of friends from Heart Links - Lazos de Corazón, a fraternal organization based in London, Ontario, Canada. They have been working for more than twenty years through friendship and support, and also with the Network of Rural Libraries.

Each year they organize a solidarity trip to Peru to give Canadian residents the opportunity to visit, meet and participate with Peruvian entities and friends and better understand our reality. In this way, upon returning to Canada, with the support of the participants of the trip, they try to raise awareness in Canada about the social, environmental and political problems in Peru.

In June we had again the visit of some friends of Heart Links. Cecilia, Janet, Julia, Melissa and Sheila told us about the situation in Canada, they listened to what we told about the work in Libraries, they supported us in the preparation of books for the exchange in the Network, they got to know some places in Cajamarca, shared meals, songs and conversations with us.

A fruitful sharing always encourages.

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