Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The journey of awareness raising

In mid-May, the Community Program for the accompaniment of children with projected capacities, together with the Resource Center for Basic Special Education (CREBE), Cajamarca, held two awareness and training workshops in the framework of school inclusion in the district of Sócota, province of Cutervo.

The attendance of the teachers of the Initial, Primary and Secondary levels was very high and the public participated actively and with great interest.

The workshop was enriched with Popular Education Participatory Techniques and awareness raising dynamics, thus trying to look differently at inclusive education and education in general.

If we conceive sensitivity as a capacity for people to be moved by beauty and aesthetic values ​​or feelings such as love and tenderness, in both workshops we are able to approach our goal. The teachers who attended the trainings were surprised, happy and encouraged to renew their conception of work with and for children with special educational needs. Together we can conquer a more experiential and appropriate learning space for children in peasant communities.

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