Thursday, 26 April 2018

New distribution of books

If we think of the book as an instrument of farming, as a brother or sister of our journey in the countryside of Cajamarca, then books must find new ways of sowing, multiplying and moving: going from family to family, from library to library, from group to group, from community to community...

Therefore, from the Central Office the Library Network, a new distribution of books taking the form of special donations is underway, especially to educational institutions that are forming their rural libraries. Also for friendly organizations interested in education, reading, writing and defending their own culture. Or for the same communities of our rural libraries that will be able to carry out their reading circles (which gather from ten to more than two hundred people from the communities) where each participant has the book in their hands to read with others and for others.

With this new distribution of books, the Library Network wants to strengthen the bonds of community meeting, where reading, words and conversation is the best way to continue this community, agricultural, Andean and peasant way.

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