Thursday, 22 February 2018

Stories that cure

In November, during the launch of the series "... and other stories", from our Campesino Library Collection, Ximena and Jairo Quispe Misahuamán, two children from Cajamarca, were keen to read us stories that they had chosen and then, very enthusiastically, participated in the minga we organized to prepare the books that would go out to the libraries in the communities.

A few weeks ago, Jairo had to be hospitalized for a complication in the respiratory tract: the first thing he asked when visited was to be read stories. And that helped revive him …

While Ximena was awaiting the release of her little brother, she took care of her younger cousins and also read them stories.

Our elders were not wrong to forge us recounting: the stories not only endure, deepen and procure, but cure, embrave, conjure, receite and venture.

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