Tuesday, 9 January 2018


In recent months we have made several trips to the countryside under the banner of the work of the Community Programme. First we went to San Marcos, then to Chota and on our last outing we went to Bambamarca.

It is always a joy to meet the children; they always greet us with a smile and a hug: to see their joy and their advances encourages and motivates us.

The interest of the families and the effort to help their children reach their potential is a huge stimulus for us; as are the shared moments during the therapy sessions we do or the conversations as we share the table.

Here are some experiences that we have lived during these last outings:

* We gave a training course on basal stimulation at the San Marcos Special Education Centre. There we met a child with infantile cerebral palsy and his mother. The mother was enthused by the attention of our coordinator Silvia Pajares and they are now looking forward to continuing with this attention. This persevering interest also shows the value of what we do.

* In Chota we were impressed by so many children with whom our coordinator Sergio Diaz is working since the beginning of the year. All of these children – newly incorporated into the program – have multiple disabilities. It is a great challenge for Sergio especially because, until now, he catered to children with less difficulties. When we asked him about it, he said:
Yes, it's true, it's harder to work with these kids, but it also gives me a lot more realization.
We really salute this attitude and this commitment.

* In Bambamarca we found our friend José Isaí, who was born with just one complete leg. With the help of our coordinator Nanci Huamán, in the same community they found a carpenter and a gentleman with a lot of knowledge in orthopedic devices: together they made a prosthesis for Joseph Isaí.

* Belvin Franco is attended by our coordinator Humberto Huamán. In just one year, this child with severe cerebral palsy learned to walk. The joy and satisfaction of the family – and of us, obviously – was immense to see him walk.

And so, walking, journeying, we learn and grow together.

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